Rocket Languages: Japanese - Review

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rocket Languages: Japanese - Review

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Rocket Languages: Japanese

A few months ago I was looking to learn a new language. I decided to look for something that would be challenging, but fun to learn. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn the Japanese language. Thus, my search started for the right tool to help me. I did a bit of research and figured that based on my hectic schedule, a teacher replacement software was needed. I came across this product called, "Rocket Languages: Japanese" and read what they had to offer. I was sold.

I purchased the product and instantly received my order via digital download. This is way better than I thought. I really believed that I was going to receive 20 CDs--I don't need anymore of those. Luckily after looking closer, I was able to instantly download the necessary learning material. That was fine by me. No waiting time on shipping, plus no shipping costs. It was so easy to get what I purchased

I was a little skeptical about the price at first ($99+), but realized that it was way more affordable than taking classes with an actual teacher. Classes are usually $50 a lesson and what I received was 31 lessons plus additional helping tools/software. There was no question that my purchase was justified.

The great thing was that if I didn't like my purchase, I was able to get 100% of my money back after 60 days of owning the product. No risk was involved. No risk is a good risk to me.

Overall, this product works, I can speak Japanese well, and I am happy with getting my hands on that opportunity.

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Here are the 10 benefits of the Rocket Languages Japanese Learning Software that I use:

1. You will be able to amaze all your friends and family with you new acquired language! They might have thought you could only speak English—or whatever your main language is. Surprise! When you speak to waiters at Japanese restaurants, your personal Japanese friends or talk to foreigners from Japan around others, watch and see their eyes widen and mouths open in extreme shock. This is always fun to see.

2. You will gain the confidence it takes to speak Japanese fluently. Without the confidence you may be hesitant to even try your new language out. But with this newfound confidence and the ease of speaking the language, you will want to have conversations in Japanese all the time.

3. If you had trouble understanding Japanese characters, this is your answer. No more saying, "What is that Japanese thing mean?" You will be able to figure out what all those clever designs actually say. You will be able to read Japanese newspapers, understand Japanese subtitles, and finally know what the stores mean in the Japanese section of your city. You will have the power to read Japanese!

4. When you go on vacation to Japan, you will finally understand what all the people are taking about. No more being lost in translation. If you need directions from a local, you will be able to ask, "Where is..." and interpret the answer with no difficulty.

5. You will get to understand proper Japanese grammar. Grammar is essential within any language. With this acquired knowledge, you will be able to lessen any form of confusion experienced by the person trying to listen to you.

6. You will be able to get that dream job in Japan or find a high paying job that has a large array of customers that speak Japanese. This new employment opportunity will make your life 100 times more interesting than before.

7. You will have a new way to break the ice with new people. Just by saying, "Konnichiwa!” will be an awesome conversation starter, followed by the, "Oh, you speak Japanese!" This will definitely be a great way to build your network.

8. You will be scene as a brighter individual. It takes a lot of discipline to learn a new language. If you can learn the Japanese language, consider yourself an intellectual.

9. If the Japanese culture seemed a little confusing to you before, you will now understand it. You will get to understand why Japanese people do the things that they do. You might even go to the extreme and adopt a few aspects of the Japanese culture because you fell in love with how they made you feel.

10. You will be able to speak, read and write in the language! This will be a skill that will come to your benefit now of later on in life. Not many people can do this. You will not be like the rest of the people. You can speak JAPANESE! Congratulations! What can be better than that?

Click here and see what this product can actually teach you about the Japanese language.

Good luck in your studies!

Cindy J. Jackson
-A really big fan of the Japanese culture!

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10 Ways to Properly Learn Japanese

1. If you know someone else that can speak Japanese, practice as often as possible with them. If you do not know anyone that can speak Japanese, you should go find people that want to learn and gradually get better at the language with you. This method will make your Japanese excel to a point of perfection and still be fun in the process.

2. What good is learning a language if you will quickly forget it? Take 1 hour in your day to practice the Japanese language. This will make you memorize its fundamentals and help you to become a fluent speaker of the language. Additionally, 1 hour is the perfect amount of time that will not interfere with the rest of your day and not overwhelm you with lengthy language lessons.

3. Make sure you are not tired when you are trying to learn your new language. Have you ever tried learning while being tired? It is knowledge in and quickly out of your head. There is no way to retain any important information while you are half asleep. Therefore, if you have to, take a nap before you are about to study. You will do wonders for yourself when learning Japanese.

4. Have the proper lesson material to guide you toward the acquirement of your new language. You can try to learn the language off of your favorite Japanese movie, but it might be a little bit difficult. Thus, find a book, audio book, software, or an actual teacher to help you while learning. If you have the material to learn the language and it is not working for you, get another medium to teach you. Just make sure you have the tools to learn.

5. So you may know how to speak the language. However, life does not always revolve around speaking. Thus, not only learn how to speak the language, but learn the grammar, reading, and writing aspects of it as well. What happens if your job has you translate the language to a deaf person and you cannot write Japanese characters? You get it? Learn everything to do with the language, not just the speaking part of it.

6. If you have a short attention span, it may be hard for you to learn--1 hour can still be too long for you. Therefore, I recommend that you break long courses into shorter segments. Take the 1 hour course and convert it into 2 thirty minute sessions. If the shorter segments seem too short, start working your way back to the longer lessons. Remember, baby steps!

7. Make your goals of learning your new language realistic. The old saying is, "Rome wasn't built in a day." This can apply to you. Try not to conquer the language in one sitting. That is almost impossible--unless you are amazingly gifted. Try making your goals a little smaller, like today you will learn how to say "Hello" in Japanese. That is more reasonable. If that is too easy, work you way to more challenging goals. Once again, baby steps.

8. Have all the things around you someway involve the language you are trying to learn. Turn your learning space into a small Japanese study room. Have all calendars, clocks, books and computer desktops written in Japanese. This method will keep Japanese on your mind, which will definitely lead to a faster pace of learning.

9. Take a trip to Japan. Why not jump into the deep-end and study with the true professionals of the language. You will not only learn the language, but you will also get to go on an interesting trip as well. That is hitting two birds with one stone!

10. Make sure you enjoy what you are learning. If you hate the language, what's the point of learning it?

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